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Mosquito Moment

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Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District's news source, providing relevant mosquito and vector news.

 Discover the latest mosquito related stories and up-to-date public health news in your community. Tune in to the latest West Nile virus weekly updates, national and local news, and entertainment. 

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West Nile Virus Weekly Updates

Catch up on the latest West Nile virus activity detections in our district. Data collected from the disease surveillance traps alert us to when mosquitoes are activity transmitting diseases. View to see the latest cities and communities with confirmed West Nile virus activity. 

View our West Nile virus Activity for 2021 to see if your community has confirmed positive mosquitoes.

Educational News

Learn about common recommendations to protect yourself from mosquitoes and mosquito-transmitted diseases. We also feature outreach and learning opportunities for you and all members of your family. 


MM Live

We like to keep mosquitoes interesting! View our MM Live segments to see the latest fun and interesting ways we're keeping the buzz around mosquitoes.